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We are living like in a human zoo, fenced in by our beliefs and we are afraid, to go beyond these boundaries. However, it is possible – not always very easy- but still possible. Freedom begins within.                                       

Overstep boundaries!

What fleas and humans have in common. 

If you want to train or condition fleas, you put them in an empty jam jar and close the lid. The fleas naturally jump upwards and hit the lid with their heads. It doesn’t take them long to realise that this is a dead end. Now you can remove the lid from the jam jar –the fleas now know that this is “the end of their world.” None of the fleas will attempt to jump higher. It will take generations until one courageous flea grants himself permission to jump as high as his heart tells him. And that is the beautiful thing about the heart, it can’t be conditioned! When will you give yourself permission, to be yourself and to live your own life? When you become quiet, when the many voices in your head disappear, then you will detect a quiet voice: Yours. Now you can leave the herd without suffering, because you know that you must take your own individual path. Come and follow... to yourself.

The lost happiness

Have you ever watched a young child chase butterflies or collect sea shells on the beach? The child’s eyes radiate. It experiences every moment filled with wonder. Every flower, every stone... everything is meaningful. Everything is a miracle for the child. The child is living in paradise. That is not to say that paradise is a special place, it is the clear, natural state of our consciousness. Paradise cannot be found “over there somewhere,” it is always in the “here and now.” A child only knows the present. That’s why children have something that the grown ups have lost. This something needs to be found again, because it’s the most precious thing in the world: Our true selves.

Conformity – the root of all evil

The child’s clarity disappears very quickly, because it’s originality and true nature are not compatible to the interests of this world. Every human is confronted with the fact that, the world is a nuthouse, which the child senses from a very early age: It’s being and society’s intentions do not match. The world, the people are split, crazy, everyone is somebody else, but not themselves. In order to survive, the child chooses the path of conformity. It soon gets lost within thousands of things and forgets it’s origins.

We are taught “the language of the world” at an early age, but at the same time we lose the ability to trust in ourselves, to express our feelings honestly and to really be ourselves. If you were to meet this same child, which was once full of astonishment, 20 years later and look into it’s eyes, you would find confusion instead of clarity. A fine dust-layer of beliefs, judgements and conditioning smothers the consciousness. This layer gets thicker and thicker and begins to define life. Compromise becomes daily routine – and lifestyle. This is the latest point at which we are no longer living as, the person we really are. Only us humans do this to ourselves, and others. The animals, the plants, all live naturally. All creatures, apart from humans, who are the only creatures that can decide to go against their nature – which is the beginning of all suffering and the cause of all illnesses.

To live life in the wrong place, hurts  

Instead of living naturally and free, we are bound by thousands of invisible ropes. We react unconsciously according to old, outdated programmes. We sleep-walk through our so called life, as if wearing straight-jackets, that give us just enough air, so as not to suffocate spiritually and psychologically. We are trapped in behaviour patterns, habits or in ideals installed from an outside influence. And our dreams have been lost somewhere along the way. This is why we can’t be ourselves and definitely can’t be healthy and happy. When our lives are made up of, meeting other people’s expectations, when we can’t say “No” and when we permit others to interfere with our lives, or cut us off from freedom, when we try to please all the people all the time, then we are in the “wrong place.” Then our life is dying a slow death, it’s just waiting for death.

Of course we can hide our dissatisfaction and fool the others by pasting a smile on our face and telling everyone how well we are doing, even though we want to cry, but we know that our laughter isn’t real, that our life is empty, that we are just fooling ourselves. We can fool others, but not ourselves. Can a person be happy when he lives as somebody else?  The results are dissatisfaction, an inner emptiness and suffering. But hardly anyone asks themselves seriously: Why am I suffering?  

We suffer when we forget who we really are, when we want to be like the others, when we conform to a sick multitude, when we value ourselves through the eyes of others. We suffer when we lose our real goals, when we don’t know the meaning of our life, when we can’t realise our life’s vision, or reject ourselves fully or in part. We suffer when we don’t value our own uniqueness, when we have to beg for confirmation, acknowledgement and attention, when other people’s opinions are more important, when we hide our origins and wear masks, when we play roles that are not meant for us, when we do things in life that we never wanted to do. We suffer when we are together with people that we don’t want to be with (not only in the area of partnerships), when we blindly imitate what others show us, when we believe that we must accept things as they are, when we don’t run our own lives (which means others are running them). We suffer when we vote against nature and live artificially, when we don’t govern our own thoughts, but are governed by them, when we hold on to the past and can’t let go, when we expect others to make us healthy, rich or happy. We suffer if we let ourselves be programmed or manipulated, spend most of the time thinking and live unconsciously, or when we use up our life energy through worry, doubt or fear.

We suffer, because we choose again and again to suffer!

Again: We suffer, because we choose again and again to suffer, because we always repeat the "Comfortable” yesterday. It seems safe because we are familiar with it. So we “cruise” most of the time “on automatic pilot” in the wrong direction, away from ourselves and our fulfilment. And unfortunately, this "tradition" is passed on from one generation to the next.

Wake up!

This is a wake up call! Are you really alive? Do you live consciously? Do you like your life?

If not, then do something! Change it, if you want to. Wake up from the nightmare, that most people dream. As long as you follow others and subconsciously live as them, you aren’t living, the others are living you. To live subconsciously means, that your subconscious thoughts have you under control.  You don’t even appear in your own life, and if by chance you do, then only in a minor part. However, this isn’t living, but sleeping with eyes open and at best, barely surviving. To barely survive is not the goal. There’s a whole lot more waiting for you and inside you. Come on, follow yourself! Even if your intellect hesitates, your heart knows the way. The heart cannot be conditioned, only the head. Trust yourself!

Live your life!  

You are free. You choose, who you live as.  Choose wisely. Be yourself and live your life- that is your birth-right and your destiny. Every person, including you, carry visions that want to be realised. To live these visions as the real you, herein lie happiness and fulfilment.

 It’s our own choice

Admittedly, society doesn’t let anyone be, who they want to be. They don’t make it easy for one to blossom. But society is not almighty and can’t force anyone to follow them, but only make “offers.” But you can say: “No thanks.” Ultimately, everyone is responsible for themselves and their own lives. Each person decides for themselves, whether to live authentically, or to conform. Everyone decides for themselves whether they are really conscious, alive and free, whether they will change this condition of non-freedom, or whether they are as mechanically predictable as the workings of a machine. This decision is made afresh every living moment, consciously or subconsciously. We always have the choice. We just forget, that we can make our own choices! Of course, it’s easier to go with the flow, but at what price? A life without joy? Without love? Without inner peace? Without poetry in your heart? Without laughter? Without meaning and without fulfilment? And what consequences does this bring with it? What results from this for the future? For all of us?

Choose consciously: Choose now. 

If you had the choice – and you do have – between drama and joy, which would you choose?

Most people answer automatically: Joy. However, The same dramas repeat themselves again and again in their lives – in partnerships, at work, with health or financially. This choice is obviously not made consciously. These people often have the feeling, that a part of themselves are busy sabotaging their intentions and goals. That’s why a lot give up (Too early).

When you understand the deeper reasons and want to realise your choice of joy, the first, most important step is called: Letting go of what doesn’t make you happy. Letting go of what doesn’t belong in you. The second step contains, your ability to recognise and realise your true vision, in other words, to create the circumstances in your life, that correspond to you.

And here the moral: Once upon a time on a ship’s journey: A parrot was bored, but was pleased to discover that a monkey was also on board. In order for them to pass the time, the parrot suggested, “Let’s play hide and seek.” The monkey asked: “How does that work?”- “Real easy: You close your eyes, stand in front of a wall and count to a hundred. While you’re doing that, I will hide myself, then when you get to a hundred, you look for me.” No sooner said than done. But what happened was, just as the monkey reached a hundred, the ship exploded. The parrot managed to jump onto a plank, which was floating in the ocean. After a while he caught sight of the monkey, who was swimming towards him with the last of his strength. As soon as the monkey had clambered onto the plank he turned to the parrot and said, “Stupid game!”  

As soon as you get the feeling that your life is a “Stupid Game”, it’s time to change something. Perhaps there is a free seat for you the next “Live Your Life” / Training as Lifeteacher seminar. E mail me or give me a call.

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