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Lifeschools for children are emerging

Vision finding instead of school marks, awareness instead of conditioning

Marco Leonardo walks new paths with kids and teenagers.  Join now! Lifeschools are needed in every town!

Everyone brings a gift from the beyond in this life. Each child has an individual purpose and an in inner vision. To recognize and realize this vision, that’s what we are her for. In regular school we learn reading, maths and writing, discover how long the Nile is, the population of New York and how much coal is extracted in South East Australia. But what we don’t learn there is, how one really lives. How to be true to oneself, how to realise dreams and visions. How to keep one’s body healthy, how to find one’s calling or partner – and how to become happy with that partner. How to solve problems, overcome crisis, fulfil wishes and how to reach one’s goals comfortably. And because nobody is taught this, many end up in the wrong place, wrong job, wrong relationship and/or in resignation. We don’t know anything about our thoughts and feelings and seldom gives a regular school opportunity to find out why our life is as it is and how one can create it fulfilling. Schools should support children to become managers of their own life and future,however, everything that really matters in life is not taught in school (in average children spend ten thousand! - 10.000 -  hours there!)

Thatswhy lifeschool is so important, because only after we have learned all this we realize, what life really means.

This is the reason why it is time for life schools, which serve the children, because life is simply too precious, to leave it to coincidence. Advisable would be a licence to live.

You need a licence for every stupid moped, but for something as complex and important as an own life, nothing of the same value exists. Now it does – in Lifeschool. The main subject is Life itself and the most important foreign language is not German or English but the language of life’s circumstances. So everyone can easily learn to read in the mirror of life and can so realize what the true causes for one’s situation are. This foundation should be led in childhood, then first of all should we learn the universal laws of life and start to live accordingly.

In reality life is a playful game and we are invited to join. We decide if we participate as play figure or as conscious player in this game. Wouldn’t it be great, if all kids could learn, at an early age, what the point of life really is

Create your own lifeschool in your town or area. Lifeteachers are wanted everywhere!

And do not forget yourself! Every family is a mini-life school. Every mother and every father are, at the same time, life teachers.

Marco Leonardo has developed the very promising concept of “Life School for Children,” which should help to clear up this deficit. Whether we live our life as a “life sentence” or enjoy it with a song in our hearts, is entirely our decision. Wouldn’t it be great, if all kids could learn, at an early age, what the point of life really is? This is Marco’s vision!

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