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Fulfil life’s dreams with children

Make yourself a gift – live your life, conscious and free. And then, if you want, share this experience with kids, teens and or adults. In your family, your business … luminous man and woman are needed everywhere.

Is there really enough demand?  A couple stops a taxi and the taxi driver asks:” Where do you want to go?” The couple answers: “It does not matter, just drive on, we are needed everywhere!” Love and consciousness are needed everywhere. Make a decision for yourself, a decision for a wonderful life, living your life as you truly are. Then you are welcome everywhere. Live your life – this is infectious. The hopi Indians say:”we are those we have been waiting for”

Create a fulfilling life, this is the best lifeschool for others. Your family is a mini lifeschool.

Find like-minded people

This is an appeal to you, to open a life school in your town. Lots of children are waiting with bated breathe for someone to support them, in being themselves. Do something about it. Create a community of interest, find like-minded people, found your own life school in your town. I will gladly help you to realise this.

Courses how to build up your own life school take place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland …... Europe and Overseas.

Do you have contacts to journalists and newspapers/magazines? Maybe you can help by getting articles about lifeschool for children in the newspapers in your city or country?!!

Please let me know if you have some ideas!


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