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Seminar:Live Your Life and training to become a Life-teacher

with Marco Leonardo

 Testimonials from Seminar participants


Michael, Future Designer from Karlsruhe:If the last few minutes was a condition of blissful happiness, then that is what I experienced. Apart from that, I am lost for words when I attempt to describe the depth, power and strength of this seminar.’m praying that the experienced power of the „here and now“ will never leave me. In deep solidarity,

Susie, Artist from Dessau:Thanks to this experience, I am now on the path to myself. I sensed my true self, which was a great gift for me. As well as this, I have never met another human being, who feels and lives his calling as you do Marco! Thank you,

Ramona from Meiningen:What I already knew about life, was impressively and pleasantly lifted out of the fog by Marco and brought to the surface. I now have a tool – your way. Thank you Marco.

Charlotte:I have already had a long journey, in living my life. You helped me to „align“ my pieces of the puzzle and put them together easily, through your fascinating calm and serenity, and your complete PRESENCE. Now I am carrying wonderful pictures within myself, which support me in remembering that I am free, that it’s really easy, to be centred! Through this, I have invited a lot of light, clearness, serenity, love and beauty into my life, which is unfolding before my very eyes! I sit there, doing nothing, and see, that Spring is coming :-). Confirmation and encouragement for each future step in the now! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and share the love of LIFE with you! Charlotte, she,  who finds the source[ :-) my "medicine name", proves itself anew on a daily basis! :-)]

Hanne, pensioner from Strausberg:My impressions of the most beautiful seminar in my life: The seminar is titled: Live Your Life. For me, this seminar was waking up from a trauma. Up until now, I was lived. I loved others, worked for others, lived for others, and never had time for myself. Fears and doubts often plagued me, even they I’m a naturally pleasant person. My life was not going, according to my heart’s desire. Deeply saddened, but inspired by the thought of finding my true life and learning a lot about me, I drove to Dessau. It was here, with Marco, that I learned that there is something called „consciousness“ and that every person can train and strongly increase and improve their consciousness. I learned words like presence. I was encouraged to find my path to fulfilment. Marco asked me, what I would like to do. Where would I like to travel to. In this way, a new vocational development was created for me. The most important realisation was, that everything I learned from Marco, is applicable-ready knowledge, which I tried out as soon as I got home, with only positive results. Marco, I recognised myself, I am myself, I am going to live my life and realise my dreams. I am curious about my new life and want to thank you for it. I recommend this seminar to EVERYONE and I will tell everybody I know, that they would be happier with this knowledge. Now that the parasites from my brain (mind) have been driven away, I can laugh again. I live more consciously, than I have ever done before. People I speak to on the phone say, „Hanna, what’s up? You sound really good.“ Silence and meditation have become a requirement for me.I never thought, that I could sit still for so long. I was always a friendly person, but never so free. And of course, I‘m now quite popular with my new presence. I learnt a lot from you Marco, more than a lot. What must be added to this lovely learning, is your super charisma, that your knowledge impressed me so much, which I soaked up like a sponge. It’s knowledge, with which one can use to create a more human and more endearing quality of life. This knowledge should be acquired by everyone, again, EVERYONE. The very best thing about the seminar was You.

Dieter (Puppeteer and life-artist from Munich):My companion of many years, and I have visited many seminars, which serve the improvement of self. Man/Woman is of course searching for the answer. If someone visiting Marco is looking for a recipe or a programme to satisfy their mind, then they are in the wrong place. Marco talks via his own high-consciousness, directly to the heart’s centre. Whoever is willing, to open up to their own potential, will get a clear and strong impulse from Marco, which accelerates and has a lasting effect on their own awakening process. From there, it only goes in one direction, the realisation of your own godliness – nothing more, nothing less. Maybe this sounds far-fetched, but that’s the way it is. Whoever wants to find their way home, deserves this seminar with Marco. Marco is good at reminding and brings the important things to a point. There is no better feeling than being conscious. This seminar takes everyone along their path.

Alexander, artist from München:You possess the talent to root people in their now, because of the never-ending composure that you radiate. It all came so free and easy and inspired from you, and you have a very likeable and trustful way of making people enjoy and become aware of the small, but so importing things of life. 

Antje:This seminar is a great gift for all those who find themselves on the path of change and further development. The gift of experiencing more clarity and of having the courage, to let go of everything that prevents me from being myself.

Felix, Auditor from Osnabrück:I really got a lot out of the seminar. I took a giant leap, but not forwards, but rather into myself. At the moment, I’m more within my body and surrounded by my own wisdom. It was during our walk on the final day that it finally „clicked“ with me. A lot of things came together, I simply knew: "Yeah, now I’ve got it". And you inspired me, with your serene way. You live simply by example and that is what I find so great.

Nadja from Karlsruhe:Today I am lost for words! But seriously: The seminar released a lot and catapulted me into the “now. ”I’ve got an enormous strength inside me. This effect lasted until Monday evening without any effort. Now I have to call up my consciousness more often, but it works. Fears, chaos, doctorines etc. dissolve when I am in the now – and that is a super feeling! Again thanks a lot!!! I must also make you a big compliment: I have never met anyone who radiates such great calmness, and at the same time is so present. Best wishes,

Melitta from Freiburg:Finally, the rowing boat has entered the harbour. An inner peace and balance floods ovewr me when “I am“. My life was on the edge,  Didn’t know if I was coming or going, until my angel whispered to me: „Go´ to Dessau, on this seminar!“ This week with you had so much impact within me. I’m so happy and free, but at the same time very present, calm and decisive. Now I’m going to freshly paint my inside and outside. I have goals to aim for again. I do mental training daily. I’m in the process of creating and building up, my own Life-school. Train my consciousness daily, to maintain my Melitta-Energie. Let all strength and energy flow into my family. I am eternally grateful to you for this week and for the rebirth (new beginning). I experienced lots of positive things for my life. Now I’m going to “live my life,” the way it is written in the light!! I even got a great deal during the seminar preparations, everything in me was jumbled. Many things began to dissolve. Suddenly my past confronted me, it was worked on and lot go of (not everything of course, but lots). I forgave people, freed myself from guilt. It was hard, but everything was prepared minutely, tracks laid, for the seminar. I could really let a lot flow into my daily life during the homework. It was pretty exhausting, but I had a specific puzzle to solve, just for me. Finally, after 22 years, something for my own inner me. It did me good!  

Silke from Berlin:The seminar with you really brought up a lot from within me. It happened on a fine inner level (I don’t know any other way to describe it) a real lot. I feel it daily and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this!!!! I have no idea what it was or is, but that is not important. What is important is that my soul has begun to dance and I am slowly beginning to blossom or awaken.

Birgit, Artist: I am no longer waiting that someone else does, what I wish, I just do it myself. And I no longer think about, whether I am able to do it, I just say to myself, if you can’t do it, who can!? In generall the time difference between having an idea, and realising it, has become much shorter. I put fewer things off, but deal with them immediately. And it has become clear to me, that there are more things I can do, and more things in life I can achieve, than I would have thought possible. Therefore, I consider my life in the here and now super, and also for the future!

Björn, artist:It occured to me, that it’s me, who is the cause of all the things that happen to me. I am the cause, which means, when I don’t like my life, that only I alone can change it (change myself). And I am often more aware, and convince myself, that there are important things than having a head full of plans. I was very impressed by your calm, but especially your unobtrusive style. There is really a lot of socratistic wisdom in, not trying to impress your seminar participants as the all-knowing master, who knows everything (and attacks his students with a thousand facts), but more like a quiet listener or advisor, who by clever questioning, tickles the truth from his “students.”  A great compliment!!! Very agreeable, Birgit agrees with me 200%. As for us…we finally have a clear, medium-term life vision, which we lost from sight since selling our little sailboat. But now we will go forward with fresh power. Many thanks. 

Lutz from Solingen: I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that I would awaken from my “sleep.” But I was hoodwinked. I would like to thank you with my whole heart, for everything you taught me during those days. They were the most informative and conscious days, that I have ever experienced in my life.

Sonja, teacher from Salzburg: I’ve found a further puzzle-piece for my biggest problem. And now I know more exactly, what I want and what I don’t wantl. Besides that, I now have new ideas for my own business that I am openening. Thanks Marco.  

Julia from  England: Thank you for everything, you have brought a light into my heart.

Luzia from Linz/Austria:I got a lot out of this seminar. To sense the love inside me, my strength, my goal. Lots of gratitude, within me and being centred. One gift after another - a laugh here, a smile there, a good cry, some knowledge, a recognition, openess, community feeling. To see "The red thread" in my life, to feel humanity, gratitude and much more lightness. I can recommend this seminar to everyone.

Daniel from Zermatt, Switzerland: The seminar gave lots of courage to final make some important decisions. After searching for so long, it has finally been revealed to me, that consciousness is the key and actualy my true goal, which is to be honest and authentic. My awareness has also been honed and I was able to say goodbye to a lot of stubborn resistance. I’m happy to be myself. The group was a big help and mercifull, and gave me a secure feeling within this intensive process.

Borghard, Businessman from Dessau: I was just short of ruining my health. Permanent thinking was a sad burden and I never would have thought that I can really switch off. Now I can “freeze” thoughts and time kann, I can be the director of my own life, I’m more conscious and satisfied and can enjoy my life much more. My whole family is profiting from this.

Ulrike from Chemnitz: You are a person, in whose presence everyone feels comfortable, you can hear the softly whispered words of the soul and provide the tools to becoming conscious. Thank you for your wonderfull conversations in the now. 

Miriam, Life-teacher and dance-therapist from Freiberg, Saxony: The intensive encounter with you has stayed in my heart. The experience of calmness, awareness and the living memories of the present is an inner alarm call for me; the realisation that really “to be in the now,” that is basically what I have always been searching for.

Stephanie, architect from Dessau: It was a wonderful time … If one could experience things twice, the seminar –this – would be one of them. 10 days, in which I got closer to nobody, but my – I was never so close to myself! It showed me, how unabstainable it is, to go ones own way. I got to meet people, who you don’t meet every day and I would never like to do without, the time I spent with them. The most important realisation for me was, that only I can determine my life, but only then, when I do it consciously. And the desire to believe, that anything is possible. That confrontation and the connected clearing-up, is very often or nearly always better than forgeting or denying. Of course I will be recommending this seminar further, because it pushes your life into a different light. Because you learn from it, because you awaken, that you don’t have to, but that you certainly will do it…! Because the experience alone makes this time so precious

Birgit/Austria: “What did I get from this seminar? I got, and got, and got...It was just the beginning... My desires have been awoken, always to be in the here and now, the “reminder” of my true self. The conscious decision to switch off the auto-pilot. Joy of life, trust, gratitude. Many things in my life have become simpler, easier, brighter. I no longer have the feeling that something is missing. I’m not searching anymore, I don’t need any more seminars, new teachers and no new courses!”

Simone,Portland, Oregon,  business woman: “What the seminar gave me was a “Stop.” Sure, you can stop during your daily routine, by treating yourself to a walk in the wood, or a nature holiday... but you then return to the grind of daily routine without really realising, what was so different in nature. This Stop in the seminar was more like a wake up call. To be conscious how much energy you put into an existing thought system and defend it tooth and nail against the way we were told to live, is amazing. I am now on the best way to recognising the real world and to returning home. 

Wolfgang from Berlin: It was exactly the right time for me and a wonderful teacher - Marco. I felt that the moment was ripe, to finally begin to live in the present, to begin, to start enjoying my life. I would like topass on this harmony, to children and everyone, who recognise and feel this thing. My horizont has been enrmously widened through this seminar, new things, and up to that point, unbelievable and many suggestions. I am very, very grateful for the wonderful alley, that the universe is holding open for me, and for all of us. You just have to let it in! This seminar is a must for like-minded people, for all those who want to live their life consciously and free. The stay with you in Dessau was more than nice, simply used to underline the word gigantic. I’m really happy that we could get to know each other and about the same calling, which connects us in friendship. THANKS once again in this way for your experiences, which you share with us in such an impressive way.

Monika from Munich: A strong heart impulse motivated me to take part in this seminar, after a girlfriend had told me about it. Now I can, and want to, be present and conscious, irrelivant of the situation. I wish everyone I meet, this seminar with Marco.

Dieter from Munich: The paticipants receive an instrument, with which they can realise, who they really are.

Bärbel (Halle): The seminar gave me something like a compass for the jungle of life.

Olaf from Dessau: there was a time, when I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted; where the sense was, the sense of living. I sensed that there was something else inside of me, which couldn’t get out. Something prevented this from happening. It was through reading literature that I recognised it, that me ego was blocking the way - my way – to serenity, inner-peace and happiness. I met Marco, a good “helper” for me, purely by coincidence. Through his meditation, I learned to deal with my ego and no longer to let it take centre- stage. I can reach a point merely through meditation, where I detect no ego, no time, no wishes and desires. This is simply peace, great satisfaction and happiness. That is the condition I was looking for and found, with the help of meditation. My whole life has changed because of this. At last I dare to live as I want to and that people call me a weirdo or nutcase doesn’t bother me at all anymore. 

Claudia, educator from Dresden: Live your life, go your own way. In March 2001 I attended the seminar Live Your Life with Marco Leonardo. In preperation for this seminar, Marco gave me some documents with many, many questions, which I answered by swotting alone. This means, to be honest to oneself, to look deep inside. Which wishes are living within me? What do I want? What gives me fulfilment? It’s easy to say that the world is not in order. It’s not in order, because I am not in order. I’m not living my life. Everything starts with this. I’ve started to clean up my mess, throw out my junk, to recognise and let go of old behaviour patterns. The secret is to be able to let go. I can only let go when I can accept the moment as it is, the current condition. Self-recognition is the way. I observe myself, become aware of my feelings and learn to accept and deal with them. To really accept them from the heart. Today I see things much more serenely and can deal with them more relaxed. I was always searching for the meaning of life. The more I am inside myself, the closer I am to my inner truth.Life is easy. I am myself.

Bea,26, Dessau. I’ve been bothered by questions about myself, my life and my future for a long time. I could understand many things, that I read about or worked on, but to convert them, or live them was not possible, or very difficult. I just new that something would happen, or something within me during the seminar. And that’s exactly the way it was. To experience myself as a never-ending being, and also to accept the chosen limitations. To recognise the self-consciousness and to stay conscious throughout the daily routine. Also to finally say yes to myself and to know deep down: The way I am is exactly the way I should be. The search is over - I have arrived. Because I knew Marco from previous conversations, there was no need for me to look for other seminars with suitable leaders. I sensed unconsciously that this was the right one for me. I wish this seminar for all people from my heart. It was the best investment in myself and in my life and was really worth the money.  

Petra from Munich: My trigger to take part in the seminar was, that I was marking time beforehand and that I was simply feeling very sad. Besides which, I was looking for answers, for one thing why I was here, and the other, why there is so much dung in this world and in this country.  Marco was simply there when I was searching The whole thing was a very spontaneous decision of mine. I had read the article and written to him and then I made my decision after reading the material (even though my boyfriend wanted to convince me otherwise, which he didn’t manage!). The seminar made me aware of many things, which I hadn’t realised beforehand. A path, which is now open to me, now that I know where I want to go and what I can do to achieve it. Realization and serenity, that is as good as it gets, and that I no longer have to have future fears, which I sometimes sense now and again, despite my optimism and my needy convictions. A lot of strength and lots of tools that I can use and which give me lots of support. I will definitely recommend this seminar. To all those, who are waking up.

Kerstin from Lohsa, Saxony: When perusing the documentation at home, I got the chance to do some deep thinking about my life up to that point. Because there were repetitions, it was very intensive and more things emerged than I would otherwise care to admit. My daily life became easier through this development and there was a change in me. Thank you for the most wonderful ten days of my self-experience in my life up till now. It’s been a long time since I felt so good, so conscious.

Silke from Berlin: when I read about Marco’s Life School, I just knew that I was going to attend. I wanted some training or a profession which was suited to me, in which I could pass on, what I knew deep inside me. This idea and vision of the Life School really appealed to me. To intigrate everything that is really (worth living) into the school, starting with my own son. The getting to know you talk before the seminar, gave me trust in Marco. I was very relaxed in his presence within a very short time, and I got the impression, I could expose myself completely, without being judged. Yes, this was very important for me. Somehow I sorted myself out, during the seminar, brought goals and wishes to a point and at the same time, how to arrive in the here and now. To set myself right, to relax. I felt and understood, that I am the creator of my own reality and can run it how I want to. That was also the most important realization: The conscious creation of my own life. I wish this seminar for all people, who want to create their own lives, I can really recommend this seminar. At the moment I am a lot more relaxed, and often remind myself to be in the “now”. I have the feeling that I’m nearer to my being, my true self and I get to know myself better each day. If I had visited Marco’s seminar in my school time (I wish this for all scholl kids and teenagers), I would have made my way through my parent’s house, through school and through my apprenticeship with much more courage, with less fear and especially less unconsciously. I am definitely very happy and grateful, to have encountered Marco – he does wonderful work and is a wonderful person (being) or however you want to call it, that which radiates from a person’s eyes! Love and blessings on your journey, Greetings from the heart, Silke

Abhivan from Dessau: Thanks to the preparation questions at home, I “really” thought about the events. I " saw " what had happened. It became clear to me. It released feelings, which I was better able to understand. I recognised and was better able to process because of this, got the feeling that I could manage these “things.” These questionaires brought up the past, which was preventing me from living, really brought it out so that I felt the pain, afterwards I was able to process it consciously and had the feeling, to observe long-forgotten things and I was, in my opinion, “done with them.” The strange thing was, during the experience, that I had the feeling I was a child pining for the sun.

Fred, Faith-healer: I was amazed,  how goal-less I had lived beforehand, this living in the day and swimming with the masses. I was able to recognise my own goals, to turn my life in this direction and  to further develope my life much more consciously.

Sylvia: It was ten indescribably lovely days.  The seminar was an important step on my path of my spiritual development and gave me the tools for a conscious and satisfied life.

Christian, 22, Student from Leipzig: The training taught me to ask questions and not to accept everything blindly. The intensive awareness led to an inner-peace and security, I discovered my humour again and can harvest from the seminar for a long time to come! 

Wolfgang from Dresden: The reason I took part in the seminar was my experience, of not being in the right place in my life and not having the right job. Every thing else became obviously clear to me, that I have never experienced who I really am and what really belongs to me, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, or even what was right for me. The content and the topics really appealed to me. No “motivation training” in the normal sense, but practical help in helping yourself in order to live freely. Yes, really free and independent of the world’s false game and having to get out of being a puppet in order to follow my own goals, instead of being used for other people’s goals and to stay “empty” in this process. Really important for me was the experience, that it’s all about reminding oneself of oneself. To remember how we were as children e.g.. of being the source, how to find a way of being this child again. There is no longer a “You must” in my life, instead i remind myself of myself, feel what really is at the moment ... and experience myself in a brand new and harmonious way. And then, much to my own joy, I recognised, that in the world of “constant inconsistancies” and never-ending change, that there is something else, that is unchanged, ever-lasting and constant. That’s where I am “at home,”there, or better “here” is where I find support. To actualy be, to accept myself. Furthermore, I now know for sure, that I don’t need something, or wish something or search for something, no longer have to run after it, to experience the feeling of having arrived. Now I know that I arrived a long time ago, that I always had been arrived, I just forgot all about it, had forgotten who I am. That I, as well as I am, have all I need to be, and to be happy, and that each one of us has it inside himself, even if they don’t really know it. Even I have experienced that things like unpopularity, loneliness, isolation, abandonment, inferiority or human faultiness like “You may not be like that," You first have to earn/work for your right to live“ etc., don’t really existt. Simply because we humans are pure beings and that this original being cannot be wrong , or dismissed, or not lovable. This being is no cripple, no loser!All in all, the seminar helped me to finally become conscious. A postive picture of oneself (I am lovable) is part of it, as well as to have a certain inner-distance to the things. To have distance to the things that are happening around me, which in earlier times disturbed my peace, or brought stress and suffering. This means, whatever happens, there is no longer any reason within me, that I forget myself. No matter what I do, there is no longer any reason to lose myself in it. I have found myself. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others, simply because I am meant to be, as I am and am just as equaly needed in the world. Success for me, means to be especialy conscious. I remind myself more and more of who I really am. I would recommend this seminar to everybody. Especialy for kids at school, because of their escape from the sick-making civilisation/technologie and forced information-and consumer scrap. To be able to determine their own lives consciously instead of trying tolive up to the expectations of others, directly or indirectly. And to experience what life really is. 

Dharia, 22 from Hessen: It was a hard to imagine great enrichment to take part in the training. It provided many Life-Basics, new living- and job perspectives as well as a start-up atmosphere. All in all therefore, a seminar that you didn’t want to put off, I can really highly recommend it for all, who no longer want to let live, but understand: "I’ll decide here and now to design my own life, and there are others just like me, who are just waiting to risk taking the step into a new life... “because life is what you make of it and nothing else". P.S. To all who are interested: A one off chance is waiting for you all, to set the tracks here and now for your life and also for the other, just like you imagine it to be and don’t forget: "it all begins with your fantasy". In you we met a person, who does us good. You helped us, to remind us of ourselves. It’s getting easier and easier to be in the present, in order to really live consciously.

David from Munich:Dear Marco, I’ll take this opportunity to thank you again for the fantastic and competently led seminar. Within a short space of time, you brought the group and me into a state of the here and now and a wonderful relaxation spread itself amongst us. I felt it within myself and I saw it in the faces of the other group members. The empathic, but also simple meditations were very impressive. The continual challenges via your questions led myself to me. At the same time, I was aware, how these techniques can also be used on young people. The seminar was a very positive experience, because I learned for example, how important it is to be in the here and now, e.g. to be aware of the immense importance of this. How i can feel my core (in the now) and the requirements of my being, as well as to have a possibility, to live this, yes, these were further rich-recognitions for me. It is the abilities and characteristics, which every person has inside themselves, which we are however, only partialy aware of because of conditioning. It was just in the seminar, that I received a means, to get in touch with the living strength within us, which wants to be used creatively. To teach this, among other things in schools, I would consider very sensible.

Uschi from Gießen:I was confronted by myself. I am NOW clear and aware, so that I can easily make decisions. The vision of my own Life School has received wings and is developing continuously. The active preparations are a lot of fun. There’s a lot to do, without me – as often happened before – getting into stress. Worries and fears, that something could go wrong, are now non-existant.   My openess attracts other people. I make contacts easily, lead talks and manage all the organisation aspects. While doing this I accept all people as being equal. I am grateful for all the gifts, which enrichen my life in some way. The biggest gift, that appeared from nowhere, came to me in the form of a small advertisement: “Found your own Life School for children". It absolutely changed my lifet. The seminar, the encounter with myself, the beautiful seminar location - everything absolutely harmonious! I witness fullness everywhere.  A wonderfull life!!! – That is all!  A wonderfull NOW   

Helga from Marktheidenfeld: The seminar really fulfilled my expectations, I am grateful, that I was allowed to be a part of it. I have been busying myself with similar themes for years now, everything was summerized again for me here, well and undestandable and to the point. Finding self made improvements, the exersizes I found really important. Our school system has depressed me for a long time, changes must be made there. Now I have discovered possibilities, which do our schoolkids good. And everyone, who is having second thoughts about this and want to help the children, should get the tools to do this from Marco. This “Life School” has arrived at the right time.  

Tom, businessman: “There was a point in my life when I sensed that there must be much more to life, than what I had experienced up until then. The desire to expand my horizons and to live my life consciously become increasingly stronger. Through the seminar and its integrated “becoming conscious,” that life would carry me and that my dreams and ideas could never be false, I was able to make this reality.”  

Uwe/Dresden: I liked  the atmosphere of the seminar and it exceeded my expectations. In all my life, I have never been able to listen so well. I was impressed by Marco’s serenity, clarity, assuredness and his confidence. It appeared to me, that he always said what I needed to hear and always hit the nail on the head. Furthermore, it appears to me that I changed from a fighter, into a player. I now feel more like a peacemaker,  instead of the way I used to go through life like a restless headbanger. I no longer MUST do something. I’m no longer a searcher. To be present, to live fully conscious and to successfully play the game of my invention. Finally to live the life, that is truly me, that’s what I want with all my heart. I wish for myself, that through Marco, lots of people find themselves and wake up..”

Diane/Wittenberg: I was always looking for something in life, and never knew what it was I was looking for. And I had the feeling that I was always  surrounded by “sleepers.” My own path and my becoming conscious started after I met Marco. From that point on I knew, that I had begun my search, and most importantly, what I was searching for. I attended the seminar without knowing much and without really thinking about it. I didn’t realise why I had attended until later. The results of this seminar have guided me on my path, where I am now preparing for my alternative-medicine practitioner exams and fulfilling my dream. I was also very pleased to learn, that there are more people like me, who are searching, and also searching for the meaning of their own lives. Not to be standing alone and being called a “weirdo,” gave me lots of strength. 

Teacher/Augsburg: We only have to cultivate the earth for the children, in order for them to grow into what has already been sown inside them and is still present – that is to say, not in that we prepare them for school, but rather that things are offered besides the “normal school”  which will help them to relax again and attain their original potential, for the questions which they haven’t been able to ask so far, which however move within, that which is exciting and to where they can be led, by using this path (via the life schools), back to the source of their consciousness. According to Marco Leonardo’s experiences, it is possible to offer schools this possibility (especially considering  the PISA Study, willingness to accept outside help should be that much bigger now). The life schools should reveal, that, that what children wish or dream about, can actually be realised – in a life school course – which also will result in the side effect, that the child’s performance can improve. The school boards and parent-teachers associations love to hear this kind of thing and the children can be helped out of many a difficult situation.


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