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The founder of life schools for children, Marco Leonardo...

after completing a craftsman’s apprenticeship and spending quite a time abroad, has been working as a self-employed businessman since he turned 21. “I trust in the fact that one can depend on life, if one really wants to achieve something.”

As the founder of several successful firms, which had over 150 employees, Marco left the career-ladder path and business ideals and set off to search for the secret of complete success and true fulfilment. For the last ten years he has dedicated himself to the legitimacy of positive lifestyle and was trained by qualified therapists.

He has visited many countries and collected a lot of insight and knowledge during his studious trips. He has been passing this on to youths and grown ups since 1996 and motivates them, to live consciously and to be themselves as well as to live a fulfilled life on all levels. He is especially dedicated to giving schoolchildren and teens the chance to get individual support. Through this he became the founder of life schools for children and he’s looking for like-minded people, to show them, how to successfully build up and run a life school. His book will appear at the beginning of 2005.


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