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Training to become a life teacher

Life is meant to be a game of never-ending learning. To live, also means to take part in this game. The decision lies with each player, whether to play as a conscious player, or merely as a game-piece.

Therefore, training to become a life teacher is an investment in oneself, because it serves to develop individuality and to build consciousness. Apart from that, this training is useful in finding job satisfaction, irrelevant where you’re employed, because life teachers are needed everywhere. Finally, the training leads to new profession: Do you want to lead seminars, lectures or workshops? Do you want to help other people, or especially accompany children and youths, in learning how to create their own happiness and how to live a filled life? A life teacher will acquire the required self-consciousness and self-confidence, which are needed to realise any task, project or business deal, during his journey. Therefore, the life teacher is not a seeker ( for a job, partner or similar), but the one who is sought.

The first and most important step on the journey is called: Live Your Life! Normally, the desire within ourselves can be found automatically – by oneself – a journey on which our own vision for life is realised; Unless, there are hurdles. A river simply flows down the mountain and nears it’s goal in this way, without bother, unless, somebody builds dams. In this way, dams are produced in us, in the form of resistance, which prevent us from living truly. Sometimes it’s due to fear or uncertainty, of going your own way – or of other people’s opinions. But also the burden of old, unconscious and self-limited convictions, which cause or prevent the unfolding of that inside us, which wants to grow, bloom and mature.

The world in which we have lived in up to now, has one nasty peculiarity: It won’t let anybody be, what they feel they are meant to be. To achieve this, everyone is distracted from their original being, conditioned and – gross negligent or intentionally – vaccinated into being “someone” else, anything but authentic. In this way, everyone gets infected with “normality” – which is sad, but normal. But luckily there is a way out. When one has been infected with something and has been conditioned in various ways of life, then it is possible to disinfect and de-condition oneself. One can reverse the whole process. Let go of false and forced things to enable our true human nature to unfold freely. You can end the nightmare and wake up.

Those who decide to live their lives authentically, fulfil, with the decision, the prerequisites to lead a life-school successfully. Why not start out now, living the life for which you were intended? Your life! When you want this world to become paradise, then turn your life into paradise. Simply by being yourself and listening to yourself. Your nature is your consciousness. When this consciousness awakes – This is you! – then you are giving the world and countless people the biggest gift that exists.

If you have any questions and/or would like to know more about the life-teacher training, please write or phone me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Luminous Life  

Marco Leonardo

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