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Fulfil life’s dreams                          

The training as a life teacher with Seminare  with Marco Leonardo is suitable for parents, teachers, educators, therapists, trainers, advisors or consultants as well as everyone, who want to lead their lives consciously and harmoniously, and also want to help others to, wake up. The training to become a life teacher essentially describes the basic intention of every person: Live Your Life! Consciously, naturally, truly, honestly and authentically! Simply to be the one, that you really are. That’s why the training should initially be carried out for oneself. A present to yourself so to say. In this way you remind yourself of that, which should not be forgotten: That we are here to live, to love, and to laugh, in order to be happy.

There is only one happiness, and that is, to be yourself.  The root of unhappiness is, to be someone, who you don’t want to be, and can’t be, to do things that are not compatible with your being, or to be together with people, who we don’t want to be with. Despite this, (almost) everyone pretends to be someone else, hides away – and because (almost) nobody is themselves, they are all ashamed to be what they are. Our world could be a garden full of flowers, flowers with their own blossoms and scent. But we have turned our world into a factory, a factory manipulated by everyone. Everyone’s motto is: “Be someone else, you may not be yourself.” 

Within this modern cultivation laboratory, orchids are forced to carry tulip blossoms. Absurd. How are orchids supposed to do that? It doesn’t matter how hard they try, they will suppress their own natural energy, fight against their origins, and will never become tulips! They won’t become real orchids either, because they are digging against their own lives. Deep inside themselves they will be crying and feeling ashamed, that they didn’t have the courage to protest and rebel against the herd  and it’s sick intentions. That’s the thing in a nutshell.

Everyone has their own energy, everyone has blossoms hidden inside, but these blossoms may not be shown. He is taught everything else, except how to be authentic. A form of society which makes everyone unhappy, and is ugly – quite normal, but ugly.

As small children, more or less all of us are distracted from ourselves, our roots and our own true goals – really to live. We are made blind to our own destiny, taught to deny our own nature – and we have learned to suppress our feelings, instead of being true, honest and authentic. We will be (allegedly) loved, receive attention and acknowledgement from our parents and others, only if we conform. But conformity finally leads to living as someone, who you really aren’t. And when the attitude is spread, that life is made up of lazy compromises and that a child at the start of life should become “acceptable,” then one thing is certain: As long as a human lets himself be infected and identifies with the life-attitude of the masses, that is exactly what he will inherit: A life without fulfilment – irrelevant of how much one attained or owns. As long as one can feel in the heart of your heart that: “I’m not myself, there is no love, no poetry, no joy in my life,” then one will suffer and even the laughter will be false, because we have adopted the language of the world: Everyone is kidding everyone.

Outside wealth is meaningless without inner wealth, because without inner wealth one feels so empty
. One remains a beggar, irrelevant of how much one owns. Only when one finds the things that can’t be bought – Love, recognition, wisdom, consciousness, vitality and pulsating life – does outside wealth mean anything at all. 

The life journey of humans

 A child is born, but it may not become what it came here to be. It will be conditioned and conformed – everything happens “For his own good.” It grows up and has soon forgotten who it really is. It’s natural centre has been taken away. Because it can’t live without a centre, the child receives a new centre from society. This centre is false, a fake substitute. Now the child is living as a fake personality, is wearing a mask – it’s naturalness and individuality is hidden well away.

 Then the longest seminar of life begins – School. The curriculum is planned in such a way, that the child learns, to accept the things “just the way they are.” Here the child loses the natural joy of learning and is stuffed with dead knowledge. Similar to the mass media where unimportant things are blown up, in order not to have to report about the important things, in this way the child at school learns what is proper for humans, who are living a fake life, everything, that will distance it from it’s true nature. When the child then leaves school, it’s head is too big for it’s heart. Now, at 18, it’s lost clarity, it’s grown up and has gathered so much confusion, that it’s allowed to enter the world of business and vote for a leader. This is followed by career and family – simply a “normal life.”

At “this point” a lot of people fall asleep. That was it, they believe. That’s why it’s not surprising that most people die between 20 and 30, but are only buried when they reach 70 or 80. Most of the time in between is spent just getting old, that is to say, they aren’t alive any longer, they are just sick longer.

Fake society – a dead end with no individual development

Just because the body is 18 or more, doesn’t mean that growing has stopped. The mental evolution continues on and on! Normal society is just a thoroughfare, a passage – not a place to be comfortably furnished. A society is like a bridge. Nobody lives on a bridge, or builds a house on a bridge. One goes over the bridge, to the goal at the other side. At some point a caterpillar turns into a brimstone butterfly, but it’s goal in life is not the cocoon, but life as a butterfly. Don’t get stuck in the cocoon of society. Play the game for a while and then continue on. Just go on! Recognise that you are not “your personality” and let go of “personality,” so that your individuality can unfold.    The word “personality” comes from the Greek for “persona”: The mask. But you were born with an original face, without a mask! Your individuality is the being, that you are. And the song, that you carry in your heart, can only be sung, when you have let go of falseness. Your individuality begins to unfold, when you leave behind the masses and other’s opinions.  

Being authentic 

It takes a lot of courage, to be oneself. Only, when you don’t care how others judge you, or you lose your respect (which doesn’t mean that you should lose it, but that you have to earn it first), when you are ready to go to any length, and to stop being someone else, then your original being will grow and your individuality will bloom. From that moment on, the compulsion to run with the herd will no longer mean anything to you, because you are newly born and free. You no longer need a mask, you can simply just be yourself.

To go from a seeker to a finder

The fish in the water is not thirsty. However, if you take it out of the water, the fish will only then realise that it was in water, that water means existence and that water is it’s very life. Now longing is created, the fish is “thirsty,” he wants to go back. Aren’t we all “thirsty” like this fish? Isn’t everyone seeking something? Maybe a lot of people are not aware that they are seeking. They call it “wishes, which they want to have met” or goals, which they must reach. “Then,” they say, “I’ve made it” – “when I get that partner, that house, when I can attain this or that, then I am happy.” How often has everyone played this game? And how often have we felt “cheated” when what we wished came true? In reality we only have only filled a wish, but there is no trace of real fulfilment! The wish is exterior, but the feeling that we are missing is inside us. This interior void is in no way affected by that what we achieve with the exterior. The feeling that something is missing, is real, but our minds always translate this feeling as: How about this or that? You know that, you’ve experienced it often. After three days at the latest, you’ve got used to it – and already you’re seeking something else. You mind gives you no peace, it says: “You have to try harder, run a little faster, you’ll make it tomorrow. Just one more time, then you can relax a little...” Those who can see through this game of hide and seek, wake up. 

The fish wasn’t thirsty until it left the water. It only became “conscious” when something was missing. When a child loses it’s childhood, innocence and originality, later it must search for a long time to find it’s “to-be-like-a-child” again. The deep desire, to come home, to awake – that is the gold, that the alchemists have been searching for, “The second birth,” when consciousness in people wakes up to itself!

A salmon can smell a sweet-water stream, even when it’s swimming many miles out in the ocean. It can even recognise if this sweet-water stream was it’s birthplace, it’s home. Just as this fish follows it’s sense of smell in a gigantic ocean, so must we follow our hearts to our true home. In reality, we have never left our true homes, apart from in our dream. This dream – which is a nightmare for many – this illusion, I would like to call “the ego” and describe it as a phase in human development. It is not the goal, but merely a  passage. As long as we keep up this illusion, we live as someone we aren’t really are. That’s why there are so many unhappy people, then to live as “ego” means to be empty – an ego will never find fulfilment.

Interior and exterior wealth 

A little story: A beggar knocks on a palace door. By chance, the king, who was just about to take his morning stroll, opens the door. The beggar said: “Today looks like a good day for you.” The King answers, “ For me, or for you?” Whereon the beggar exclaims, “That will be decided at the end of the day. I’m a beggar, but I only ask you for one thing: Do you see this begging bowl? Can you fill it for me – with anything you want?” 

The beggar’s appearance was a little strange. He had eyes like a mystic and didn’t speak like a beggar, but like a ruler. His whole aura radiated authority. The King ordered his Prime Minister to fill the beggar’s bowl with gold coins, so that the beggar would remember that he had knocked on the door of a King and had been lucky. The beggar laughed, which caused the King to ask in surprise, “What’s wrong?” – “ Everything will be decided by the evening!” Was the answer! The King thought the beggar’s attitude strange, but also attractive.

Then, following things came to pass. When the Prime Minister brought a sack of gold coins and tried to fill the beggar’s bowl, the coins disappeared out of the sack, but the bowl remained empty. More and more coins were fetched from the royal treasury, and they all  disappeared too. Gradually the whole town gathered and the news spread like wildfire. The King instructed his ministers: “Bring everything you can find – diamonds, rubies, emeralds – bring them and fill the beggar’s bowl!” But everything disappeared, and the bowl stayed just as empty as in the beginning. Finally – it was now evening – the King had lost everything.

The excitement in the capitol had lasted the whole day long. The King had remained determined, but now there was no longer any point; He had nothing else to give. He threw himself at the beggar’s feet and asked him for the secret of the beggar’s bowl. “Is it a magic bowl? It’s now evening and you said: “By evening, by sunset, everything will be decided. Now the time has come and in a way, everything has been decided, because a beggar has defeated me. But, you are not a normal beggar. I just want to know one thing: What is the secret of the bowl?” The beggar answered, “ Take a close look at the bowl. It was made from the skull of a human. The skull represents the mind of a human. You pour everything inside non-stop and it disappears. It demands more and more, but remains empty all the time; He remains a beggar, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can only try to understand and get rid of him.

Is that maybe your situation too? Poverty doesn’t show itself through the clothes. Poverty means a hunger, that can never be satisfied, an abyss, a barrel with no bottom. The “ego” can never get enough! People beg for money, attention, love... and there is no difference between a rich (beggar) and a poor (beggar). Both have the feeling that they would be happy, if they had more. Real wealth starts inside, only then does exterior wealth take on meaning. Interior wealth means: “The light is on,” you are conscious. Only when we’ve had “enough” of it, when we can no longer bear the ego nightmare and we wake up our own desire to become conscious, when we want to be ourselves, no matter what, only then can our real life begin.

The step from I to self    

This article is meant to remind you that, your heart’s deepest desire really exists, that fulfilment is available. Look at it as an invitation, to cash in the promise that you made to yourself so long ago. This promise is called: Wake up, recognise yourself, be yourself, live your life and realise your vision! What this means for you in detail, only you can find out for yourself. If you are now asking yourself, how you can find out, you already have the answer – within yourself! You have only forgotten it. And when you’ve forgotten it, you only have to remember it again. This memory can be recalled quite easily. Curious? If you are ready to wake up, to remember, and to live your truth, then come and follow – to yourself. Am really looking forward to meet YOU!


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